OCMF Content Management Framework

OCMF - Orange35 Content Management Framework

OCMF Content Management Framework is a modern, reliable and responsive website platform created by Orange35 professional IT specialists who keep investing many years of knowledge and experience into it turning great ideas and custom solutions into life as well as making simple and complex functions easily managed without going through unnecessary set of controls. The aim of this article is to make a short acquaintance with the OCMF platform we’ve been building websites with for…

New Website For Virtido Company


Virtido is a professional, innovative, business process outsourcing and IT company headquartered in Switzerland. It’s been a real pleasure developing a website for these guys, as they set the right goals and showed nothing but the professional quality-oriented attitude to the process from the very beginning. The key features of the website are: Responsive design for optimal viewing on mobile devices; A modern and fresh design featuring wide parallax images to represent an innovation-oriented and…

5 Signs You Need A New Website

5 signs you need a new website

Although there are many reasons for a website change, below, we outlined 5 signs you need a new website. 1. Your website is harder to find than a black cat at night. Something you can do right now. Go to Google and type in your business name. Did you find your website at the top of the first page? How about looking for a main service/product that your company offers? Keep looking… Not until the…

New Image Constructor for Custom Options for Magento

Image Constructor PNG

Magento Fans are welcome to try a completely new Magento Extension by Orange35. It is Image Constructor for Custom Options for Magento that will change the way you show the products on your store. The extension is very easy-to-use and offers unbeatable features for your business. It is designed to make the product image variations management and viewing experience instant and simple. This plugin was asked by Orange35 customers even before the initial release. So,…

What is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive Design on different devices

What is Responsive Web Design (RWD)? Responsive Web Design is a modern design and development technique aimed to make the website viewing experience on any device like computer, tablet and smartphone optimal and user-friendly. Because a variety of devices has now become a big part of our everyday life, it’s not hard to figure out why having Responsive Design as a part of your website is recommended if not necessary. The way it is achieved…

Orange35 Birthday Discounts On Everything!

Orange35 Anniversary Discounts!

Don’t miss Orange35 Birthday discounts on everything! We’re one year more wise and more experienced today! 🙂 It’s been a good yearly tradition to offer all kinds of discounts for our birthday. Our gratitude to our customers for inspiring and keeping us toned has no limits, thus as a “thank you” this year by June 10, we’re offering multiple discount options: 10% OFF any product orders over $50 15% OFF  any product orders over $100 20% OFF  any product…

Google Ranks Mobile-Friendly Websites Higher

Google Ranking Mobile-friendly Websites

As a lot of you probably know, on April 21, 2015, Google has launched the new Mobile Friendly Algorithm update the main idea of which is to reward mobile-friendly web pages by boosting their rank in mobile search results and, on the other hand, decrease search engine ranking of the web pages not optimized for mobile viewing. That’s right, Google ranks mobile-friendly websites higher! Google is certain that with today’s mobile usage on the rise,…

Magento Promotion Tag Countdown Released!

Promotion Tag Countdown

In Orange35 there is a tradition to highlight new extensions on the blog. This time, let’s talks about brand new Magento Promotion Tag Countdown. This extension will help you to draw visitors attention to a current offers or discounts. Moreover, you will have an opportunity to place the tag on every page of Magento Store. So, if regular promotions are the key to the success of your business strategy, order Magento Promotion Tag Countdown now….

Magento Featured Products Slider 2.0.0 release

Magento Featured Products Slider 2.0.0 release

Orange35 is proudly announcing new version 2.0.0 of Magento Featured Products Slider and Carousel Widget released! This unique Magento Extension has already gained its popularity over other products in our store becoming an absolute best seller. So, starting from now, it’s officially better than ever before. It is great news for new customers and for those who’d like to upgrade their older version of the Featured Products Slider. VIEW DEMO | BUY NOW New Features…

Sweet Valentine Deals From Orange35!


Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! 😉 We wish you all deep and faithful love, happiness and excitement this wonderful day! May everyone who’s in love hold on to this sometimes heartbreaking but still absolutely worth it feeling and those who aren’t involved with anyone, appreciate their quality time on their own and still look around for someone precious.   This year, we’ve prepared very special sweet Valentine deals for our sweet customers! It takes two to…