Magento Featured Products Slider 2.0.0 release

Magento Featured Products Slider 2.0.0 release

Orange35 is proudly announcing new version 2.0.0 of Magento Featured Products Slider and Carousel Widget released!

This unique Magento Extension has already gained its popularity over other products in our store becoming an absolute best seller. So, starting from now, it’s officially better than ever before. It is great news for new customers and for those who’d like to upgrade their older version of the Featured Products Slider.


New Features of Magento Featured Products Slider

    Layout and Design Configuration

  1. It provides a widget for Magento that can be placed anywhere you want on your website as long as its placement makes sense;
  2. There is 3 pre-built layout templates for you to get started right away:
    • Horizontal Carousel
    • Vertical Carousel
    • Slider + Carousel
  3. For the best convenience and ease of use, there are now eight built-in color-schemes. So, now you will have an opportunity to choose the slider color that matches your website interior design best:
    • Default
    • White (new)
    • Beige
    • Dark
    • Deep Dark
    • Yellow
    • Blue
    • Maroon

    * take a look at the image below to check how layout templates and color-schemes of Magento Featured Products Slider looks likew:

    Slider and Carousel Examples of Magento Featured Products Slider

  4. Enhanced Settings Menu on The Backend

  5. The selection of the source products category can be easily made via Magento admin panel;
  6. There is an opportunity to choose a sorting option, which will affect the order of the products in the Featured Products Slider. It includes showing products in a Random order, or Most Reviewed, Top Sellers, Newest, Top Rated First depending on what option you will choose;
  7. The number of visible cells in your slider or carousel you can configure from the backend. The default value is set to 4 cells, however you can change it, but keep in mind, that on small devices that amount will be ignored. The slider will be scaled down to a smaller screen size (updated);
  8. There is also an option to choose whether or not to show the price of the products in the sliding block;
  9. An automatic sliding is enabled by default. However, you’re free to disable it for slider or carousel separately. The default automatic sliding delay period is 6 seconds. But, you can easily set whatever value you need;
  10. Moreover, you can select a sliding effect between “Scroll” and “Fade” for the widget;
  11. The navigation arrows for horizontal and vertical carousel are pre-set as a rectangular. However, you’re able to make them round or even disable completely;
  12. The Add to Cart icon is showing on horizontal and vertical layouts. You can also challenge it if needed;
  13. In addition to automatic transition and sliding effect, you can enable a Mousewheel Sliding. (updated);
  14. Newly Added Options in Current Release

  15. The current wersion supports Image Resolution Width field, is set to 300 px by default. This option allows you to set the quality of the images that are displaying in the horizontal and vertical carousel. The height will be automatically readjusted saving the proportions. (new);
  16. Out-of-box, the images are set to be square in vertical and horizontal carousels. If images in your store images have different dimensions, you can set Show Square Images to No and display the product pictures as they are. This option is very helpful if product photos on your store are notably high or wide. In other cases, it is recommended to use squares as a standard for vertical and horizontal sliders.(new);
  17. The carousel image on the front end is now filling the whole cell container, rather than just a part of it. As a result, new widget provides a space for a much bigger product image (updated);
  18. More Efficient Results with Enhanced CTAs

  19. The position and design of a Shopping Cart Button now looks different. Now, modern looking and clicable image icon at the top rights changed the text link from the previous version. (updated);
  20. In this release, both slider and carousel layouts show Grouped Products price as Starting at:… text on the price tag (new). You can check the new look below:

    grouped products price tag in featured products slider
  21. New version offers new display option for Special Price. Now, the old price is crossed while the new one appears next to it on the price tag.(new);

    special price tag
  22. The products that are marked as NEW receives a new modern looking label in carousel (updated):

    NEW label
  23. In a recent release, all three slider style templates are fully mobile responsive. The slider and carousel container size and the number of carousel cells will vary depending ogn the size of the screen (updated). Here is an image that presents the view of the slider on the iPhone 6:

    Magento Featured Products Slider and Carousel Widget on iPhone6

Now, this Magento Extension provides much more powerful and flexible features and you can benefit from them right now. Simply, purchase Magento Featured Products Slider with Carousel Widget and promote products on your store in the most attractive way. Also, in case you have some questions, feel free to contact our Support Team.

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