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Magento Promotion Tag Countdown Released!

In Orange35 there is a tradition to highlight new extensions on the blog. This time, let’s talks about brand new Magento Promotion Tag Countdown. This extension will help you to draw visitors attention to a current offers or discounts. Moreover, you will have an opportunity to place the tag on every page of Magento Store. So, if regular promotions are the key to the success of your business strategy, order Magento Promotion Tag Countdown now.

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How Magento Promotion Tag Countdown Can Drive Conversions

One of the most important task for every online store owner is to get the traffic and convert visits into orders. That is why promotions can help to simplify the process and make it more effective? The answer is hidden in the minds of the potential customers. Before the purchase, they usually visit lots of different stores in search of the best price. So, if you will show them an interesting offer, they will be more likely to buy. Due to this fact, Magento Promotion Tag Countdown appears to be a useful tool that will get store visitors aware about current promo campaigns.

Magento Promotion Tag VS Simple Banner

This Magento Extension is designed to replace annoying banners on your store. The main difference here is an amount of the info. Promotion Tag talk in numbers, describing the value of the deal and countdown of available products for an offer. The second number set a subjunctive deadline for visitors that makes them buy faster, today, at this very moment. Naturally, that such approach results in much higher sales that the same offer promoted using a simple banner.

In Conclusion, Magento Promotion Tag Countdown Extension combine the best online sales practices in one simple solution. In addition, it offers a variety of configuration options, including:

  • Setting for exact time to show the Magneto Promotion Tag;
  • Configurable purchase imitation method;
  • Changing the look of a tag in one place;
  • Basic settings, like color, position, etc.

So, if you plan to run a promo campaign on your store, order Magento Promotion Tag Countdown Extension now. Also, if you have some questions, please, feel free to contact Orange35 Support Team.

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