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New Image Constructor for Custom Options for Magento

Magento Fans are welcome to try a completely new Magento Extension by Orange35. It is Image Constructor for Custom Options for Magento that will change the way you show the products on your store.

The extension is very easy-to-use and offers unbeatable features for your business. It is designed to make the product image variations management and viewing experience instant and simple. This plugin was asked by Orange35 customers even before the initial release. So, it has to become very popular in a very nearest time. But you have an opportunity to use it right now and boost the store features at a reasonable price.

Image Constructor allows store owners to change the part of the product image using transparent PNG image parts for custom option values. These skins will simply overlay the main product image in accordance with the custom option value selection on the front end. As a result, customers will see the proper product picture and will be more likely to purchase the product. But, to ensure the best result, learn how to create a product image that sells in a colourful infographic.

What Are The Benefits of Image Constructor For Magento

Moreover, there are some other benefits for store admins. Use Magento Image Constructor to simplify an online store management and save the time for more important tasks. This point will be very useful in case you have thousands of products wish different color and style variations.

Furthermore, this Magento Extension supports different file types. Instead of .png images, you can easily use .jpg and .gif file formats. So, choose what works best for you and start providing better customers experience in a glance.

So, it is enough time wasted for inefficient product options management. Purchase Magento Image Constructor for Custom Options now and enjoy new features of your Magento Store.

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