New Website For Virtido Company

Virtido is a professional, innovative, business process outsourcing and IT company headquartered in Switzerland.

It’s been a real pleasure developing a website for these guys, as they set the right goals and showed nothing but the professional quality-oriented attitude to the process from the very beginning.

The key features of the website are:

  • Responsive design for optimal viewing on mobile devices;
  • A modern and fresh design featuring wide parallax images to represent an innovation-oriented and forward-thinking technology company that they are;
  • Custom page layouts with custom service hours available for purchase;
  • “My Account” section with ability for users to edit their profile information, view their order history, see used/available hours within ordered services and order more hours when needed;
  • Highly intuitive multiple language interface (German and English);
  • Integration with Google services and Social Networks;
  • SEO optimized site structure;
  • Powerful easy-to-use administrative tools to keep website up-to-date.

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