“SysInfo” – Free Service To Troubleshoot Issues

Some while ago, Orange35 has successfully launched a very useful and absolutely free “SysInfo” service, main goal of which was to serve our customers and help us troubleshoot any system related issues occurring on their websites. We’ve been receiving a lot of positive feedback since then and are happy to share our project with everyone who needs to learn their system/browser information without having to spend much time and actually look for it themselves!

With lots of operating systems and browsers used by people all over the world these days, your website may not look/work as good as you would hope for all of your customers. Website developers, like ourselves, offer a list of supported OSs and browsers for websites we develop, this however doesn’t mean there won’t be someone whose system/browser stuffing just doesn’t get along with certain parts of your website and there will always be that unfortunate customer who’s using an outdated OS and is viewing your site with an outdated browser criticizing your business. It’s up to you if you want to make Mr. X alone happy with your website or not, however if the problem is reported by a couple of your interested customers, you definitely need to contact your developer to see what can be done.

sysinfoDeveloper will need to know more than “this doesn’t work for my client”, as it’s important to know under what conditions a certain issue can be replicated to actually resolve it, so that’s when our service comes handy! 😉

Whoever replicates the issue can simply go to “SysInfo” service, copy an URL in the Direct Link field, which allows to view the summary of the system information collected when you opened the page (as shown on the image to your left), and send this link to your developer to investigate.

It’s that easy, convenient and absolutely free service to troubleshoot issues we hope you’ll find helpful.

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