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The warmest greetings to all Orange35 blog readers!

Best greetings! New Year is nearing slowly step by step and we’re sure that all of us are waiting for this magic time to dive into the festive atmosphere! The last days of year is always the time of resolutions and summing up of everything that was done. The year of prolific work was it – through the highs and lows we were doing our best to stand the test of tough marketing competitions. With the bright insight into the future we’re steadily going through possibles and impossibles to become a cut above and meet even the most peculiar demands! Thank you for being with us, we love you!

Happy New Year to all our team, our customers and visitors and everyone who’s reading this post! May 2016 bring you only bright and positive moments!
And of course we coudn’t miss the moment to bring presents for you – on this festive occasion we offer 16% discount on all extensions – grab the chance!

12/29: 9am – 6pm
12/30: 11am – 3pm (emergencies only)
12/31 – 1/3: closed
1/6 – 1/8: closed

HO HO HO, Merry Christmas and happy New Year!

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