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Why You Need A Website

Have you been asking yourself why you need a website?

It’s no news that Internet is evolving fast and has already become this incredible source of information and entertainment with people all around the world spending, on average, around 6 hours online per day (depending on a country). We communicate, play games, watch videos, read news, buy/sell stuff, open new horizons online at the same very moment as you read this article.

The distance between countries and continents was never that short and the world was never that wide open for us to observe as it is now with Internet. While a lot of businesses work on turning this into profit, a decent amount of them has not yet found good enough reason to put up a website questioning its cost vs. value and thinking their product/service is not for selling online.

The truth is, these days even a one-person business of any kind should have a website and there’s just no question to it!

Live statistics show close to 3 billion Internet users in the world today, which is obviously not a number to ignore. People of today don’t know how to live without digital world of connection and benefits it offers, therefore having no web presence is equal to not existing for a great segment of your target audience. This said, at the very least, you need to have a presence on the web for your current and potential customers, business partners and perhaps investors to find out what you do and why you do it better than others.

At the same time, you won’t convince someone you are trustworthy with just having a website, but with a well structured professional website, you’ll make a good impression on a potential customer and will be taken seriously. Beside that, it’s important that your site is easily navigated through and is search engine friendly, so that people can find products and/or services you offer.

You do realize that while you’re making a decision on getting a website, your competitors probably already have one and that’s one unquestionable reason for you to have one too even if they are big business-wise and you’re not. With a nicely built professional-looking website, you don’t have to be big to make a great impression and build the image of a much larger company than you actually are.

Unlike your office, which can’t be open 24/7, your website never sleeps and is out there day and night communicating with your potential customers at the convenience of their time and space by telling them all about your company and what it has to offer. Your website is your “business card” which you wouldn’t have been able to pass out to so many people in person.

Just take it seriously! The reasons to have a website are hard to count, however the main point here is that investing your money into getting your own website is totally paying off if you go with a professional web development company that can offer more than just nice looking site, by structuring it wisely and putting your business strategy behind the site functionality, which will then speak for itself “we take our business seriously enough that we put up this awesome website for our customers”.

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