International Programmer and Tester Day celebration!

Celebrating two special days of the year at Orange35: international Programmer Day together with International Tester Day was so much fun!

Being busy all the time, we suddenly looked back and realized two of our professional holidays just went by, thus, we got a bit late with celebration this year. This, however, is how we decided to celebrate both holidays together, which turned out to be an excellent idea!

Below is a short background on what these holidays are all about.

Programmer Day is celebrated on the 256th day of each year, which is September, 13 this year. Why 256? It is the number of distinct values that can be represented with an eight-bit byte. Still not a clue? Guess you’re not a programmer. 🙂

Tester Day is celebrated on September, 9 as that is the day when Harvard University scientists were testing one of the first computing machines back in 1947 where they found a moth stuck in one of machine’s relays. The act of removing the moth was called – debugging, which literally means “getting rid of a bug”. Ever since then, testers have been looking for ‘bugs’ to build a happy quality world. 🙂

This year, a lot of Orange35 staff including programmers, designers and people involved in support and testing at Orange35 could make it to unite their efforts and spend some corporate quality time and simply have fun celebrating two professional holidays together. Programmers came out of their “geek shell” and testers made sure the festive area is a “bug free” zone.

Want to take a look how it went? Photos here will speak for themselves.

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