2015 New Year Corporate Party at Orange35

2015 New Year corporate party at Orange35 was very special this year!
We’ve been working real hard all year, doing what we’re good at: developing and designing websites, creating and launching plugins and IT services, implementing custom site solutions, assisting, supporting, planning, estimating, learning, improving and reaching for new achievements! Anyway, it’s hard to fit it all in one sentence, let’s just say we’ve been through a lot and that’s probably why taking a moment of appreciation, spending quality time with each other as friends rather than colleagues and also having our families with us, made the evening especially wonderful.
The evening was also pretty magical, as it turned out each of us had been visited by a secret Santa. 🙂
Not every day you can see grown up serious IT men getting so wonderfully and childishly happy over small but practical gifts they didn’t expect to get, can’t fake this kind of emotions.
We welcomed New Year with joy and dignity. May this year bring us all peace and more wonderful opportunities, cheers!

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